Apple’s game subscription service may be on the way


Apple seems to be cooking something different entirely, and it may just be about time for it to be done

Just about when the likes of Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, and EA had successfully launched a game subscription service; Apple may be working on joining the list soon, as the tech giant might be launching its own stand-alone service sometimes soon. According to a reliable source, the company opened talks with developers over the last few months about such an option, and it seems the tech giant might just be a few months away from making the dream a realization.

While there is just but a few details about the new development, the potential price point, list of games and platform(s) the service would operate on are still unclear. However, the project is very much in the embryo stage, and it may happen not to come online except the company feels otherwise. Furthermore, the company has spoken with developers about acting as a publisher for their games, taking charge of distribution and marketing for certain titles according to the source.

Also, as much as the news is nothing but still a rumor, the tech giant may still be entangled to achieving success in its service division, which might just be the right fire behind the recent smoke that is been sighted. Most importantly, the company has managed to enlist among a number of TV vendors as a futuristic video streaming service agent, which remarkably tells that nothing is impossible to achieve by the tech giant just yet. Furthermore, the company has been planning to debut a news and magazine subscription service this year. With numerous companies struggling to be the ‘Netflix’ of game streaming service, Apple is definitely not going to let its guard down on such.




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