Apple’s news subscription service will launch next month

Apple expected to announce new iPads and Macs on October 30

While several brands, including Apple, are after video streaming service one would find it really unbelievable that the foremost smartphone brand will think of a switch in the norm

Apple recently announced that it is currently working on a News subscription service, and while this is happening almost simultaneously with the tech giant’s plan to launch a video streaming channel; the brand might be launching the news service as soon as next month. While that is not even the major concern yet, the tech brand might have to fight a series of opposition during the course of achieving their plans.

Apple might face some stiff opposition in its bid to launch a subscription news service this spring. According to our source who claimed that publishers like the New York Times and Washington Post are objecting to terms that would have Apple take “about half” of the revenue from the service, dividing the rest among publishers based on the amount of time people spend reading articles. That’s a considerably higher cut than the 30 percent Apple takes during the first year of a subscription, let alone the 15 percent it takes later on.

Also, to maintain a sustainable subscription service, Apple is on the look for outlets that can consistently supply news for at least the period of one year.  However, Publishers are split on this, according to the sources — some want a longer commitment, while others want a chance to back out sooner, more or less like a freelance contract that banks on a flexible contract.

While there is literally a little time frame left before the launch of the service, the company might not have the luxury of time to sort out things rightly. According to the source, Apple wants to launch the service during one of its major events planned for March 25th. About the pricing of the news subscription, it is good to expect it at an affordable price range like the Apple Music; the price isn’t set in stone, but it’s tentatively set to cost the same $10 per month that you pay for Apple Music.


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