Apple’s next AirPod series will hear you say ‘Hey Siri’


Apple isn’t done yet with their Airpods creativity and the company has just announced that their next model will support hands-free ‘Hey Siri’ voice command

I guess its just another fancy feature for Apple lovers; yet another reason to upgrade to the next series. Although for some, a hands-free voice command is not enough reason to acquire another Apple Airpod when you still have the previous wireless series intact. While there has not been any official statement about the upcoming Airport, the latest iOS Beta contains strong evidence that we’re nearing an AirPods hardware refresh, according to what was heard from our reliable source that is close the company.

As reported by the source, the beta includes a setup interface for “Hey Siri” that mentions hands-free voice commands on AirPods — a feature that isn’t available with the current, first-generation pair of truly wireless earbuds. No other leaks about new AirPods have (yet) been uncovered in the iOS beta released earlier today. The original AirPods hit shelves over two years ago. So far, there have been rumors of an update in form of a revamp, slated for the next few months and it promises to come along with a new chip and “Hey Siri” support for release by the end of 2018, most likely, sometimes around the holiday rush period.

Aside from the upcoming revamp, the company also teases a “high-end” version of AirPods with noise cancelation, water resistance, and extended wireless range are under development and planned for a 2019 debut. It also came alongside the announcement that Apple is working toward launching a  second-generation AirPods with health-monitoring features in the first half of this year. Wow, all of this for an earpiece? I guess Apple is just about to up their game, and standing out from other brand, which has always been their core focus. However, all of this are merely still assumptions, so, unless it hits the market, you never can tell if it is genuine or not.




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