Apple’s next airpods may come with airpowers and a black color variant


The Apple community has been very anxious about what airpod type is next to come to the market

On this note, there have been several guesses on what the next airpods will look like, although in most cases, a majority of the sources that write articles about the brand end up with a conclusion that the next airpod flagship will come with unfamiliar features like the AI-enabled voice recognition, an Airpower to power up the airpods without a direct current, alongside with other exclusive features to make the device worth waiting for.

According to new information leaked by sources close to MySmartPrice, which aligns with previous reports on the matter, the wait is almost over. Both products are expected to make their debut this Spring. While that’s a bit vague, Apple holds a “Special Event” almost every year around mid-late March, making a possible 2019 one the likeliest candidate for the announcement. With new information coming forth, one can really tell that the next airpod flagship is definitely going to be an exclusive one, although it will still carry similar looks like that of its predecessor, assuming the leaks are genuine. One thing that is not certain yet but looks like it is possible is the idea that the new version of the airpod airpower case will support older versions. If that is possible, then, it will be a great deal for many.

On top of that, AirPods 2 is rumored to have a coating that improves the earbuds’ grip and makes it harder for them to fall off your ears, which can be disastrous considering the lack of wires to keep them from tumbling down and potentially breaking or getting lost. Of course, there will be sound improvements as well. The AirPods 2 is expected to have better bass, potentially removing one of the main gripes music fans had with the previous pair, and more interestingly, the pods will be coming in a black variant this time around (first of its kind). while this is still a ‘maybe’ situation, sources informed that most of the new features will only be usable when iOS 13 is available.

The informants are suggesting that AirPods 2 will cost $200 and AirPower $150, but those prices are speculative, hence you might want to consider it as a guess. If they are indeed coming this spring, however, we’ll know everything about them soon enough as it is only a few months.

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