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Apple’s Titanium Card Is Not Storage-Compatible With Leather Wallet

The Cupertino company have gone public to warn against the storage of its titanium card in leather pouches as it informed that it is a wrong thing to do

Following the launch of the Apple Card yesterday, the company seems to have missed dishing out tips on how to store the gadget.  While the card is made of titanium, it may require more attention than the regular plastic credit and debit cards you must have come across.

Apple has in its latest blog post has published a cleaning guide for the physical credit card, and it warns against storing it against leather and denim; the reason is that those materials can cause discoloration, and if such happens, “will not wash off.” Yes, that’s right — you could end up with a nasty-looking card simply by putting it in your usual wallet or pants pocket. Many leather wallets have linings, and plastic cards have their own issues, but this suggests it’s more delicate than some would like.

In addition, the published guide also warns against putting the titanium card in close contact with other cards, be it plastic or any other material. On this note, the reason given for this is that the other cards may leave scratches on the pristine titanium surface, hence giving it an awkward look afterward. Also, if perhaps there is a stain on the card, and you want to attempt cleaning it, you can do so using a microfiber cloth moistened with isopropyl alcohol.

With all the precaution listed in the guide, you can choose not to abide with any, as there is no consequential result after all, however, given that the card is supposed to depict or flaunt your status as it is making purchases, you may like to consider having it neat and intact at all time. Of course, it is hard to do the same with a dirty-looking card.

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