Apple’s Wearable Business To Set A New Margin By 2020

The Cupertino-based company has many products on its business shelve, however, the wearable category has remained one of the most consistent when it comes to growth, and by that may outpace other categories including iPad and Mac by the end of 2020

Launched in 2014, Apple’s wearable has accommodated both innovation and growth, hence the reason why the tech giant is currently on it’s Series 4 with a new version expected sometime next month alongside refreshed iPhones. You would agree with me that, unlike the iPhones, the iWatch has always had significant changes with respect to functionality, and while it is not very easy to differentiate between the physical looks of the respective watch series, it is often easy to differentiate their respective functionality.

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Why Apple’s wearable has managed to stand out among other brands is not impossible to imagine. It is basically because of a few reasons including a massive install base of iPhones (around 925 million globally), the second is the notion of making technology more personal, intuitive and easy to use and last but not least, a thriving platform consisting of multiple wearables products (AirPods are also considered wearables so it’s not just the watch).

You would also agree with me that Apple’s wearables which include iWatch and iPod are also known for there unique looks, and apart from there outstanding looks, a unique name is enough to sell a good product.

As seen in the image above, it is only a matter of time before Apple’s wearable category outpace the likes of iPad and Mac. The Apple Watch has made real progress with standout features and useful apps, so while it is not very difficult to sell these characteristic, is not impossible to rule out the fact that it will even do much better by the time a new series is released sometimes next month.

Also, the reason for the boost for Apple wearable as seen in the AboveAvalon chat above is not different from the reasons why the product stands out from other brands as listed earlier. However, it only makes more sense, that the numbers are on the increase mostly because there are millions of iPhones out there, and in most cases, people buy the iWatch because they already have an iPhone, not a Mac or iPad as in most cases.

According to AboveAvalo’s publication, Apple’s wearables business is now at a $16 billion annual run rate and is growing at 55 to 60 percent. At that, if the current pace should persist, which is quite possible, the wearables category will outpace both the iPad and Mac by the end of 2020 to become the company’s third-largest product category the iPhone and services in terms of sheer revenue.


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