Apple’s Website Slates Mac Pro Release For September

We have heard about and seen what the upcoming Mac Pro looks like, however, one thing that wasn’t announced is the availability of the gadget, although has been made available in a new blog post by the company

Yes, you can now start counting down to the time of availability for the Mac Pro. In a blog post published on Apple’s website, the company informed that the new Mac Pro will be released sometime in the second half of the year, specifically around September, although without a giving date yet which is expected to be published in a later blog post.

Right now, giving a September launch time is a more specific Time-frame than the initial ‘Fall’ that was announced by the company during the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). To access the new launch date, you will have to press the ‘notify me’ button above the Mac Pro section on the Apple home page.

However, this information cannot be totally believed just yet considering that if you still go to the Mac Pro’s dedicated page on the Apple website, you will still get to see a note that reads that the “Mac Pro will be available during the fall” which utmostly suggest that it has not been made general just yet.

That been said, We know that the machine will start with a base price of $5,999 (or 1,840,193 NGN), but we’ve got no official information on how much its premium configurations will cost. Our own estimations put the cost of a fully equipped Mac Pro at almost $35,000 (or 10,725,750 NGN) so don’t hold your breath if you’re hoping to buy one of these for personal use.

Hold on, in the actual sense, would you rather buy a Tesla Model X or a PC for $35,000? Please share your views about this in the comments below.

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