AT&T adopts cryptocurrency, allows you to pay bills with Bitcoin


AT&T customers will now have an alternative option of paying their bills in Bitcoins

The American company has joined the several brands that have already adopted the cryptocurrency, although, in its own case, the adoption is very special because AT&T will be the first American major wireless network provider to jump on the trend, and it is doing so to allow its numerous customers the alternative option of paying their bills with Bitcoin (its own supported cryptocurrency).

While AT&T is considered as a major wireless provider in America, it is second to the largest, Verizon, although just with a little margin. The company will be partnering with cryptocurrency payment processor known as Bitpay on the initiative. BitPay, based out of Atlanta, Georgia, has been around since 2011, assisting thousands of merchants looking to accept Bitcoin as a form of online payment. This integration will, however, promote the credibility of cryptocurrency, which means the era of electronic money has rather come to stay, at least for a little longer time.

The Vice President of AT&T Communications Finance Business Operations, Kevin McDorman informed that the company have numerous customers that makes use of the cryptocurrency, and offering them an option to pay their bills using the alternative currency will only make them happy, especially when it appears to be a bonus offer to a majority of them.

The fact that some keep the cryptocurrency as a form of long-term investment instead of a daily trade may be a challenge for some, however, a few who don’t mind either will grab the opportunity as it is. AT&T in announcing the partnership said customers will be able to select BitPay as a payment option when logging online or when using the myAT&T app. In short, you can only make use of Bitcoin as the only crypto-option yet.


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