AT&T Joins Others In Canceling Pre-Orders For The Galaxy Fold


Samsung has failed to meet up with deadlines that it initially declared for the readiness of the faulty Galaxy Fold

The Korea-based tech giant while at the verge of launching its own edition of Foldable smartphone it tagged Galaxy Fold ended up recalling it after an unusual faulty display was first discovered by reviewers. The company further rescheduled the launch of the device, despite having pre-orders already.

Now, unable to meet up with the new deadline of the delivery of the device, the company among other retailers has started canceling all others due to uncertainty behind the readiness of the device. At that AT&T is the latest to cancel pre-orders of the Galaxy Fold, stores like Best Buy had earlier canceled its own preorders as early as last month, while Samsung on the other end had also started canceling its own preorders as well, with the exception that if customers specifically told it otherwise.

According to a reliable source, AT&T said that “Samsung delayed the release of the phone, which means we can’t ship your phone.” that other customers also received the same email. In April, AT&T said it expected the device to ship today, on June 13th. Also, the company informed that any money paid in advance would be refunded, and that affected customers would receive a $100 AT&T Promotion Card within the next 60 days as a compensation for the unusual delay.

For now, the new shipment date for the Galaxy Fold is still a mystery, and while it is taking longer than earlier predicted, I fear for the company that people may begin to lose interest in the device, especially with the bad kick off record. If that be the case, it will also mean poor sales for the device, which is likely going to be a major setback for the phone maker. However, all of Samsung’s action is considered as ‘doing what is good for the brand’.


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