Two ways to avoid using your phone number when creating your new Google Account in 2018


Two Ways to Avoid using your phone number when creating your new Google Account in 2018

This quite easy but like we all that knowledge is power but power is power but that is a little sidetrack back to the topic if you follow my little guidelines you should be fine, that will help you create google account easily without adding a phone number.


Create an account without phone number

You need to launch google chrome browser and then change to the incognito mode by pressing Ctrl+Shift+N as the private windows will open that you will need to use to visit google accounts page.

Now the URL in the private browsing and you will get to see Google registration page where you fill all the details of the account that you want to create.

Now there will be the option of a phone number, simply do not enter the phone number and click the create account button. The next part is actually the most important part as Google sign up can be done by this also.

The next page, you just need to accept the terms and conditions, then proceed to the main page and you are done.


Verify using Anonymous Numbers

On this website, there are 7 dummy numbers that you can use to verify through SMS verification. Then you selected the number you need for the verification process and you search out for the corresponding verification code.


This website offers you 22 dummy numbers for verification, you can pick any of them and tap on it to find your particular verification SMS on it.

In this website, you get six numbers for verification that you can use to bypass the SMS verification as the code will be there the inbox that you have selected the website

In this website from the U.S, there are 10 different number from the SMS online for absolutely free. You can use this to verify your account. It has numbers from Canada, Norway, and Poland.

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