Banking App “Revolut” Made Its Appearance In US


European banking app, Revolut, has made its appearance in the United States

The company who is in partnership with New York City-based Commercial bank offers an all solving app where users can spend, send, receive, and control cash flow from their Revolut account.

Users of the banking app sign up for an account and a debit card right from within the app, and can then access separate tabs that track accounts, spending, payments, and cards.

For every transaction made on the card, users receive an alert or a notification indicating that a transaction has been made. The app also features the ability to send and request money from friends through the app, convert foreign currency at a low exchange rate, hold foreign currencies in a Revolut account, and pay Revolut users in other countries in their local currency.

Other amazing feature includes the ability to buy a cryptocurrency and purchase mobile phone insurance within the app.

There is however a maximum amount a person can withdraw at once which is $300 (₦110,100) per month without incurring the two percent fee. If a user wishes to withdraw above that, then he or she has to subscribe to the Revolut Premium service which starts at $9.99 (₦3,666.33) per month.

Revolut also offers users in the U.S. the ability to receive their salary two days in advance if they share their Revolut banking details with their employer.

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