Banky W powers twitter conversation over his ‘old’ car conversation

Banky W has finally given a composed reply to Stalkers who called him out on Instagram for driving an old Range Rover and for what it may, the Nigerian music sensation is currently leading the conversation on twitter with over 6k tweets under his name now I am wondering why it the musical sensation would not be left alone to do ride whatever car he wants to.

Here are some tweets from the conversation on twitter:

certainly his blog has gotten more traction from direct than you can imagine at the moment.

Why are Nigerians so smart? This could certainly be another angle to the conversation.

The could have been less or better said.

Nothing more nothing less Banky W just did justice to himself and his cause.

Hopefully more Nigerian celebs can take a queue from this musical sensation, because as a Celeb you can always own the conversation and tune it in your direction and that is exactly what he has done.

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