BBC Is Working On It’s Voice Assistant, ‘Beeb’


Voice Assistance has been very helpful over the years, and it’s importance has attracted more companies to come up with their own dedicated app to execute similar or the same functionality

BBC is about to be the latest to own a dedicated Voice Assistant, and while it is going to offer similar services as others, it is also hoping to fix a persisting issue that is related to the service.

The media company had notice a major issue with the VAs in the time that the service is getting more and more popular; according to BBC, the voice assistants still have problems understanding accents, and that will be its own main area of concentration.

BBC is owned by the British which have a broad range of accents; it will only make a lot of sense if the media company can find a solution to such issue found among VA ahead of its own lunch. Although, to prove that it has been a major concern for BBC itself, the company had reportedly vowed pledged that its upcoming assistant will be able to understand regional British accents.

That been said, you may be expecting from BBC, a similar hardware like that of Amazon Echo or Google Home device, however, the company is not having any big-budget plan for Beeb. Instead it will be an additional feature for the BBC website and iPlayer all.

Also, the software will be made available to hardware manufacturers who finds its as a better alternative for inclusion in their products.

Getting beeb ready must have been quite a job for BBC! you may say

Of course yes, although using its own staff was rather an added benefit. This way employees from around the country were requested to test the software.

Also, the broadcast  corporation had to addressed what it says are the public’s concerns about commercial voice assistants: targeted advertising and security

According to a spokesperson: “People know and trust the BBC,” in addition the person told that the company “will use its role as public service innovator in technology to ensure everyone –- not just the tech-elite –- can benefit from accessing content and new experiences in this new way.”

The news is all juicy but there seems to be a bit of constrain here, especially for smart speaker manufacturers who may be interested in partnering with BBC. The BBC requires that users sign in to their accounts when accessing content such as radio streams on third party devices, so it can collect data about users’ listening habits.

This idea isn’t supported by popular Alexa app TuneIn though, and it is the same reason why BBC pulled its radio content from the app last year.




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