Bike-Hailing Startups and Lagos Transport Unions Reaches Consensus

National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW), has shocked millions of people as they reach an agreement with bike-hailing startups to get N500 from each Startup bikers. This is just so sad.

According to sources, riders connected with these startups will buy a daily ticket of ₦500. This allows them to operate anywhere in the state without fear of embarrassment from members of the union.

The bike hailing companies who have faced harassment from and forcing them to pay levies for their operation in the state have been a negotiation for a month before they finally came to a conclusion.

The union originally handed a daily ticket of N1000 which was rejected by the companies. The Lagos State Government was the sponsor of the agreement who has always stood by these hooligans who named themselves the “Almighty Transport Union” beating and harassing bike riders who refuses to pay their dues.

As part of the new ticketing arrangement, the NURTW and RTEAN will each receive ₦ 200, while N100 will go to the local governments who are in charge of the ticketing process. Speaking on the new development, a special adviser to the Lagos State governor allegedly told the startup that; “After settling with the unions we will come for our own,”.

But the deal does not provide much relief for bike-hailing companies. The question is, will these start-ups increase their fair price and will this development dine well with the customers? Meanwhile, The Lagos State government is still planning to go ahead with its proposed license for startups.


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