Bitfxf Raises $15M From UK Blockchain


Block Chains, Bitcoins and Crypto have become prominent and more existent in the Nigerian Economy. Bitfxf being a block chain and crypto recently raised up to 15 million dollars as funds thanks to Payitup Clearinghouse in the United Kingdom. The aim for this financial aid and help to increase and support its business globally.

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Africa has continued to witness more blockchain evolutions and profits from the blockchain industry. This growth is as a result of the technological advancement that Africa is currently undergoing to be in sync with the rest of the world.

In Nigeria, Blockchain has also found its way to the Nigerian Economy and is growing steadily with the likes of Bitfxt playing a significant role in the crypto market. This feature also supports crypto empowered ATM cards that can be used worldwide which can be considered as an advancement to their path.

Bitfxt will take hold of the funds and use it to multiply and create pluses and also use it to empower and also uplift their other subsidiaries.

Franklin Peters the Chief Executive officer agreed that it is an affirmation of growth and progress for the startup being acknowledged by the UK blockchain company. Through this acquired funds, the start up would upgrade, including improving its infrastructures and coming up with new products that would help the Nigerian Economy and Africa’s economy at large.

Henceforth, Payitup would now act as a clearinghouse to all Bxtfxt markets in Africa and Europe thus helping users to settle transactions in both Naira and Dollars and also gain profit from both currencies.

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