Black Panther opens the Veils over Saudi Arabia’s theaters

Black Panther

 Black Panther opens the Veils over Saudi Arabia’s theaters.

Harsh reality is this, for over three decades and the half, Saudi Arabians have not had access to movie viewing from any cinemas or theaters as the claim maybe.

But this is not the case anymore.  The Country has finally revisited its stand on this issue and theaters have now been opened again with Marvel’s Black Panther setting the pace for other movies to come.

US giant AMC has been granted the first license to operate movie theaters in the country.

Adam Aron the Chief Executive of AMC expressed his excitement stating that it was certainly a new era for the people of Saudi Arab because they are now open to new date of entertainment.

“This is a historic day for AMC. This is a historic day for your country Welcome to the era when movies can be watched by Saudis not in Bahrain, not in Dubai, not in London … but inside the kingdom.

Originally, theaters and cinemas were banned in the country basing arguments for this on religious grounds in the 1980s.

However, the reopening of cinemas in the country is made possible by the modernization of the country by the reformist crown prince, Mohammed Bin Salman, who is trying to balance the Arabian cultures and soft-cultures.

His notion is generate more resources for the country despite the fall in oil prices with more entertainment options despite opposition from religious quarters.

Saudi state media has said the company expects to open 40 cinemas in 15 cities over the next five years, which means that AMC will not be monopolizing the viewership trade of the country.

However, to maintain standard the censorship of movies to be aired in Saudi Arabians theatres and cinemas will be stricter and will conform to the standards of the people.

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