BMW Re-affirms Setting 25 Electrified Cars On The Road Before 2023


BMW is not giving up on its Electric Car ambition as it announces a new arrival date for its EVS

The German Carmaker, during an event at Munich, German this week reclaims its popular mantra that they deliver what they promise. Turns out, they also deliver quicker than they originally promised. The automaker originally stated that it would have 25 electrified vehicles on the road in 2025. Now BMW says it can do all that even sooner, according to the BMW spoke person, the company is expected to fulfill its promise to set 25 EVs on the road before 2023 which is Two years sooner than the initially announced date.

While 2023 may seem too short of a time to deliver such promises, it is believed that the German company has already had its plan well sketched. According to a reliable source, accomplishing this kind of project has a lot to do with BMW’s plan to create both products and product lines that are modular. At that, the same chassis could accept a gas, hybrid or pure electric propulsion system on the same factory line. That gives the company the ability to quickly adjust to customer demand.

At the moment, BMW is not totally on a good stand when it comes to battery supply for all vehicles, however, it plans to switch to the EV gradually, which means that you may not see it producing a large number of vehicles on that note. Also, while the EVs will not only be restricted to cars only, it will extend productions to include trailer and heavy-duty trucks, although a majority may still function as hybrid instead of running completely on electricity.

While BMW’s been betting heavily on hybrids, it has twelve EVs on tap to appear by 2023. At its event this week, it showed off an electrified M variant concept. The chances of that car showing up in showrooms are murky if BMW really does keep its promise, but if it does make it to production it’ll be joined by quite a few vehicles with some sort of electrification.

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