Bugatti’s ₦14.6 million bicycle is the lightest you can ever get


Who else would argue with anyone who says Bugatti is not for everyone?

I am officially done putting up that argument after reading about the new Bugatti bicycle that is speculated to retail for as much as $40,000 ( ₦14.6 million). Wow, are we even talking about a bicycle or is this whole thing mistaken for a ‘Power Bike’, No! we are rather talking about a bicycle with no more than two wheels and a pedal.

The luxury bicycle is a way that the company dims fit to go beyond convention; offering the lightest bike there is. In collaboration with German maker of bicycles PG Bikes, Bugatti has come up with a new special urban bike that would serve as the perfect complement to its supercars, especially the Chiron. Dubbed as the PG Bugatti special urban bike, this two-wheel non-motorized ride weighs a measly 11 pounds or less than five kilograms.

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Bugatti has always been known for its luxury class, but who would have ever thought that the company will ever put up such stunt on a two wheels runner that looks like any other bicycle, although its distinction from others cannot be over-emphasized; that, I give the automaker a big kudos, for its creativity and innovative mindset.

For someone who is considering to have the lightest bicycle in the world, it is very important that you have at the back of your mind that, you are about to shed off as much as $40,000 for just an ordinary bike. Wait! did I just say ‘ordinary’? I guess I wanted to say a masterpiece that cost as much as a new Audi A5. Wow, If you have ever seen an Audi A5, then you do know, the Bugatti luxury bicycle is not just for anybody, especially when the company has decided to produce just a limited number. Go luck to every ‘go-getters’ for the Bugatti luxury bike.

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Aladenika toluwalope

14 million plus! For a bike. Way too much