Calm Raises $27 Million Fund To Enhance Sleeping Pleasure

Unicorn Start-Up Meditation App Calm has raised $ 27 Million, to help users doze off under the influence of dulcet tones of actor Matthew McConaughey’s southern drawl or writer Stephen Fry’s English accent.

The mediation App features Sleep Stories feature that launched last year with a hit more than 150 million listens from its 2 million paid subscribers and 50 million downloads since its introduction.

While it appears that most users were interested in meditation, most people want effects that would help them sleep better.

The Core interest of users is majorly to battle insomnia, which shows that a lot of Americans suffer from Insomnia and a perfect way out was created with the meditation App.

Lightspeed in a report on TechCrunch stated that it has just invested $27 million into a Series B extension round in Calm alongside some celebrity angels at a $1 billion valuation.

The cash will help the $70 per year subscription app further expand from guided meditations into more self-help masterclasses, stretching routines, relaxing music, breathing exercises, stories for children and celebrity readings that lull you to sleep.

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