Camon 12 Air: TECNO’s first Dot-In Display selling at a Sweet Price Point

The Camon 12 Series was released into the market and the Camon 12 Air stands out as a unique blend. It is the first Dot-In Display from TECNO Nigeria.

In 2019, TECNO has been very active in the mobile innovative space and these activities must be applauded.

A quick look at the Camon 12 Series, which was recently launched, gives a clearer context to the brand’s development of the mobile photography landscape in Nigeria. Clearly, TECNO is a king in the Android Smartphone segment. It is impressive to note that, TECNO considered the economy in making this pretty looking device available to Nigerians.

Finding a device with detailed camera features and perfect aesthesis in this clime comes with a lot of financial commitment from the end-user and this is not a joke. However, TECNO has been able to introduce innovations to the market at a very sweet price point.

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For instance, the Camon 12 Air is the first of its kind Dot-In Display from TECNO mobile. One would have expected that the device, which is an aurora-inspired beauty, would be a bank breaker, but the device, which has almost an end-to-end screen display for user pleasure, sells at a sweet price point of N42,500. Like the Camon 12 Pro, the Camon 12 Air comes with the MediaTek Helio P22 with premium features.

The almost full-screen display of the phone makes it very easy to customize the screen of your device with impressive wallpaper options that are original and suit your personality. Also, this feature makes watching movies and playing games on the 6.55 HD Screen device enjoyable.  

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