CES 2019; Meet the electric bicycle that uses Alexa


Yes! I mean an Alexa-enabled bicycle is the order of the day at the about to round-up CES event

What is the first thing that runs through your mind after seeing the tag “Alexa-enabled” bicycle? probably some similar dumb thoughts like the one that came to my mind, however, after paying close attention to the Cybic-patent bicycle, then I had a second thought on the innovative idea, as it is not totally a bad one.; as a matter of fact, it is one of the best so far in the three days tech-packed event.

The concept behind making the Alexa-enabled bicycle is that; in addition to the popular electric bike concept, you can as well have a bike that takes and process your commands and also help manage your schedules. The Cybic bicycle can offer directions in a pinch, turn the heating on before you get home, or send a message to your family when you get stuck in traffic. Heck, you could even use it to order UberEats while you’re wrapping up a weekend ride. Amazing right? I think that is an extreme one for a two-wheeler bicycle.

According to what we heard from Amazon; the company admitted positively to the fact that, the Cybic bicycle is the first of its kind, talking about an Alexa-enabled bike. The Cybic E-Legend, as it is been referred to as a small color-display computer,  built-in the middle of the handlebars, that houses a small speaker and far-field microphone array. The latter was surprisingly sensitive — on the show floor, packed with loud attendees, it picked up my “Alexa” requests just fine. Of course, a convention booth is quite different from real-life riding conditions. Come to think of it, would one have to slow down to give a proper command using the microphone, or is it designed to cope with plenty of wind when riding on speed, as well as noises from cars around me.

Actually listening to Alexa proved tricky. For one, the speaker in the bike was too quiet, tinny and crackly. It should be possible, however, to connect some Bluetooth headphones and listen to Alexa that way. The second problem was connectivity. Cybic’s bikes can access the internet through a tethered phone or bundled Vodafone SIM card (each bike will come with a three-year data plan). On the show floor, where the connectivity of any kind is impossible, the bike struggled to deliver timely responses. I asked for a flash briefing, for instance, and heard the first headline minutes later. I guess that will also be an amazing one.

Also at the top of the bicycle frame near the stem, is a plastic panel with three physical buttons. These “park” the bike using a smartly integrated rear-hub lock, turn on the frame’s front and rear lights, and snap a picture with any Bluetooth or WiFi-connected camera. Cybic integrated GPS to the bike system to combat any potential thieves. It’s not clear, however, if the company is developing any kind of premium retrieval service that doesn’t put your own life in danger.

For now, there are no confirmed details about the battery capacity, Pricing, and availability date. The only thing that was confirmed is that the bike will be first sold in the UK through Halfords this summer. Maybe sometimes before then, we will be able to share more details about pricing and availability.


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