Check the first set of rumored specs to expect from the next iPhone


Rumor has now suddenly become a tech thing especially when a new device is about to launch; looking out for features of an upcoming device has now become part of the tech norm

As much as rumors have now become part of the process of launching a new device in the mobile industry, coming across a non-genuine one are also inevitable, although, no rumor is classified genuine until an actual launch of a device.

On the next iPhone flagship, the most reliable rumor carrier, who is well known for its credibility has finally released the first set of specs for the brands next flagship. Kuo has released a new analyst note as sighted on 9to5 Mac, with his predictions across Apple’s entire lineup of devices, and he’s corroborating reports that the Cupertino-based company will release three iPhone in 2019 as well— including one with a triple-camera system.

While most rumor has it already that one of the next Apple line ups will feature a triple camera, Kuo also affirmed to the same opinion. He further predicted that the phones will have the same screen sizes and even the same notches and that the 6.1-inch iPhone XR followup will still use a cheaper LCD as its predecessors, rather than OLED screen. He also added that these phones are expected to have an upgraded Face ID system, upgraded battery, a frosted glass casing (perhaps similar to the frosted back on the Pixel 3) and most intriguingly, an ultra-wideband radio for indoor navigation and bilateral wireless charging so your phone can charge other things. If in my own opinion, I would rather say none of the prediction is actually genuine as they all look like what any tech-savvy personnel could come up with. For instance, everyone knows the iPhone will likely make the Face-ID system better, and of course, the brand might not jump off the notch trend anytime soon. Hence, all of this could have just been cooked up by anyone.

Moving forward, some of the other features that Kuo listed include the fact that the phones are sticking with proprietary Lightning connectors for traditional charging and data, instead of adopting the USB-C standard. USB-C currently allows for faster-wired charging than Lightning. To make the rumor a lot catch, he added that the tech giant is finally updating the iPod touch and the iPad mini, and says Apple will introduce two new full-size iPads as well — only with larger 10.2 inch screens, instead of 9.7-inch ones, that bring them closer to the size of the iPad Pro. Obviously, none of this looks original, so you are not expected to key your expectation into Kuo’s opinion.

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