Checkout The List Of Countries With The Most Female Inventors

A recent publication by the UK’s Intellectual Property Office that explored gender profiling with respect to worldwide patenting will amaze you, as much as educate you

In the report published by the UK IP Office, it will interest you to know that a majority of the patents are filled by men over the years, and while women are the minority in the research, they have also made remarkable progress all along the years too, expanding there current partial domination across all the phases of life you can possibly think of- engineering, financing, Administration, Politics among others.

While Men’s domination across most of these phases can be overlooked, it is important to give credit to the women who have to strive to create a difference in the perception over the decades. For instance, as of last year, female inventors were only associated with 13.07 percent of all global patent applications.

When streamlined to women alone, the patenting percentage of women investors varies across the globe, and as a result, the rest of this article will highlight the countries that have the most women investors going by the data provided by Statista. Note that the data that will be provided in the chat below are recorded between the years of 1998 and 2017.

Image result for The countries with most women investors by statista
Image Source: Statista

As seen in the chart above, Togo climbed to the top of the rank to dominate by a whopping 57 percent, while the United Kingdom, on the contrary, went as low as 120 on the overall list, managing to account for just 9.4 percent in its own case. While that is not shocking enough, four other African countries made the top 10 alongside Togo. The countries include Uganda who climbed to the second position with 44.55 percent, Liberia- 4th, with 38.80 percent, Rwanda-5th with 37.50 percent, and Bostwana which came seventh (7th) on the top-10 chart with 35.71 percent.

If your country is missing on the list, you may have to go and verify for yourself on the Statista website, where you will find the full list.

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