Top 10 Africa Countries with highest paid-data rates


Africa is undoubtedly one of the continents with the least civilized countries, and this has inevitably resulted in a high rate of poverty in most cases

With the hiking rate of poverty in some part of the Africa continent, one would expect that the cost of leaving will be as reduced as the level of civilization, however, this may not be the case in some instance. For example, Africa consists of 54 countries in total, and a vast number of them still struggle with poverty, and while a vast number of others are quite a distance away from poverty, they strive with a relatively high cost of living.

Recently, a topic about paid-data across Africa countries has got a lot of people talking and wondering how difficult or seamless it could be to have access to the internet in some countries. Access to the internet should be the least of anyone or country’s problems– a country that wants to be civilized should be ready to provide affordable access to the internet, as it is one of the keys to productivity which in return leads to civilization. However, that is not the case in some other countries, giving that access to the internet is as expensive as gold. Yes! I mean GOLD.

If you reside in one of those countries that they pay little for data, then count yourself very lucky, as some other people have to pay so much for the same access. Below I will be listing out Top 10 countries with the highest paid-data per one Gigabyte (1GB).

Equatorial Guinea

Takes the crown because a gig of data costs $34.8 there, that is equivalent to ₦12,528. I still find it pretty difficult to believe that some people have to pay this much just to have access to the internet. I mean why buy a gig of data for that price when you could buy a gram of gold by adding $8 more. That is not fear for the citizen of the country. Not at all

DRC Congo

comes second on the least as it is only $14 less than Equatorial Guinea.  Here, you can get the same bundle for $20 which is equivalent to ₦7,200. I mean that is the amount to subscribe for about 10 gigs of data in Nigeria. Why would data even be as costly? Does it mean countries like this do not have any regards for their citizens? I guess I’m not in the position to give an answer to that.


The Republic of Angola takes the second runner-up position with a supposed average cost of $16.3 which is equivalent to ₦5,868. This is still far from better, but at least can be referred to as the average amount.

Guinea Bissau, and Somalia

Takes the fourth and fifth spot on the list at $15.66 and $15, respectively. That is equivalent to ₦5,616 and ₦5,400, a little less than Angola, but obviously still at the same pace.


Zimbabweans pay an average of $15 for 1 GB data nuggets too. They tally with Somalia who also pays the same for a gig subscription.

Sierra Leone and, Chad, Libya and the Central African Republic

close the top ten list as people pay up to $14.34 (₦5,162), $12.18(₦4,384), $11.32 (₦4,075) and $11.19 (₦4,028) respectively for the commodity.

Nigeria follows closely at $2.74 (₦986). Rwanda takes it up to $2.8(₦1,008), followed by Senegal, Niger, and Cameroon at $3.48(₦1,252) each. Egypt is the cheapest African country to buy mobile data as 1 GB costs approximately $1.12 (₦403).

What do you think would happen if everyone in Africa had to subscribe for a gig data for just ₦403? Imagine how productive Africa as a whole would be. I mean, this will probably change a lot of things, especially speeding up civilization.





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