Checkout this Fancy iPhone Click Wheel App

iOS users will be shocked at this jaw-dropping click wheel that will make you crave the product the more 

The new app was designed by a design student at Cooper Union college in New York, Elvin Hu, who has been working on the project since October. The app which was greeted with a lot of interest on Twitter turns your iPhone into a full screen with a click wheel that includes haptic feedback and clicks sounds just like Apple’s original device.

Complementing the creative app built by Hu, Tony Fadell, also known as Father of the iPod said,” it’s a “nice throwback.”

Hu who spoke to The Verge about what inspired him to build the app, said he has also been a fan of the iPhone brand since he was a kid. “I’ve always been a fan of Apple products since I was a kid.” 

Speaking on the release, Hu said it depends on Apple’s approval. If Apple decides not it as an open-source project after seeing the response from the community.”

The app also includes Apple’s old Cover Flow feature, a 3D graphical interface that lets you scroll and flip through album and song artwork to select tracks. Hu has built this into the section above the click wheel, and it also works in landscape mode

The app is still in development, and Hu is aiming to complete it by the end of December, studies permitting. If Apple isn’t happy with the app, we can only hope that someone on the iOS team has a heart full of nostalgia and adds this as the ultimate Easter egg for Apple Music and iPod fans.










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