Child pornography links found in Bitcoin Blockchain


A team of German researchers have found some questionable links within the Bitcoin Blockchain. This included links to child pornography.

Researchers said they found 1,600 instances in which transactions on the Blockchain included non-financial information, representing about 1.4% of transactions. Since the Bitcoin Blockchain is immutable, those who download it are also unwittingly downloading links to child porn.

According to Fortune, this is not the first time curious users of the Blockchain will have access to child pornography in Bitcoin’s Blockchain network. This was first pointed out in 2013 by some users, but this is the first time researcher have finally been able to gather a substantial database, to its effect.

Despite this report Bitcoin has experienced a rise in its price. The Cryptocurrency’s price rose above  $9,000 for the first time in a week.

The recent issue of child pornography links found on the Blockchain network is believed to be legally and politically sensitive, so the investing Bitcoin  community does not see it as a potential threat to their investment.

Bitcoin has been through a lot of tunnels in recent times from a crash in its price, to the removal of its ads on platforms like Facebook, Google and Twitter.

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