China dedicates special road lane for ‘Autonomous Vehicles (AV)’

The Autonomous Era is here, and China seems to be embracing it more sooner than later

China definitely has an active ambition of making the Autonomous Vehicle a mainstream goal. The Asian Country in the latest announcement reveals plans of dedicating a special lane for only AVs. This attempt is considered to be one off many for the country who is devoted to the new trend that is about to be the biggest shift of all time.

The country is building a 100 km long highway with dedicated lanes for autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicles (AVs), and according to a report by a reliable source, this freeway will connect Beijing and the Xiongnu New Area in Hebei province and will be operational by 2020. It will have smart sensors along the self-driving car lanes, and a smart-toll facility for easier payment. The highway will have a speed limit of 62 to 74 mph.

In other news, China hopes to have replaced more than half of its vehicles with the AV latest 2020, and to make this possible, dedicating a special road lane is really important, at least before the overall adoption of the new trend. Initially, sometimes last year, the country had set rules for dedicated for Autonomous Vehicles in respect to testing self-driving cars in the country.

A study by KPMG published earlier this year suggests that China is ranked 20th on the Autonomous Vehicle Readiness Index. The report indicates that a country’s ranking can drastically improve if there are a large number of local companies working on AV technology.

While some US states have thought about building dedicated lanes for AVs, they have yet to be actualized. If China manages to complete the project on time, it will show the world the country is ready to take the lead in self-driving car adoption.


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