Chrome OS will soon have Android’s Smart Text Selection

Chrome OS will soon have Android's Smart Text Selection

Smart Text Selection was first introduced on Google’s Android 8.0 Oreo with two core components. First, when the user taps on a word the feature automatically selects the entire phrase i.e. tapping ‘Disney’ expands to ‘Disney World’ and secondly, it then suggests relevant actions based on what has been selected.

Well, according to a new report, it appears this feature will soon be available in Chrome OS as well and since the entire Android ecosystem is now available on Chrome OS, it is not surprising that this feature is making its way to Chrome OS. The flag for the Smart Text Selection feature is available in the latest Canary channel build of Chrome OS. The description mentions that the feature “shows quick actions for text selections in the context menu.”

Even though this feature is still in the Canary build of the OS for now, there’s every possibility that the feature may take a while before it arrives in the stable build but at least this confirms that the feature will eventually make its way to all Chrome OS users.

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