Communication Boss, Pantami Bans Automatic voicemail service by telcos

Dr. Isa Pantami

The telcos industry has remained a Bully for years now, and while a majority of the network provider preys their respective customers by exploiting them via automatic voicemails on existing phone lines in the country, Dr. Isa Pantami, current Minister of Communications and Digital Economy has ordered a ban on that course moving forward

According to a reliable source, Dr, Isa has ordered the deactivation of automatic voicemails on existing phone lines in the country in an attempt to cub the financial exploitation of customers by telcos, which have recently become a trend in the industry.

Looking deeply into the situation, a spokeperson to the Minister, Mrs Uwa Suleiman, in a statement quoted to be Pantami’s, described the current situation found amidst telcos as that “totally unacceptable since it was not popularly used in Nigeria.”. The statement went further explained that the financial charges incurred while accessing the service was another way for telcos to rip consumers off–hence, the need to put such activities in check.

Voicemail is not a popular service among mobile phone users in Nigeria, coupled with the language challenge among rural dwellers, who mostly do not understand the language deployed by these networks.” Part of the statement reads.

It is apparent, that the recent clampdown on the exploitative activities of some Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) in the country, has beamed the searchlight on the sector properly, and some unpatriotic elements in the system are devising subtle, ingenious methods of defrauding Nigerians,” the statement reads further.

In order to avoid taking chances, Dr. Isa have further asked the Nigeria Communication Commision (NCC) to take a broader look into the situation in his latest directives, adding that the whole of the sector should be toughroughly  sanitized, while ensuring that such inappropriate activity should seize to exist moving forward.

While this is not the first time the Minister is giving a directive via NCC to put the telcos into check, Dr. Isa recently also put a temporary ban on telcos who attempted to charge its users for USSD transactions, with MTN taking the most slam.

Not just that– apart from the various bans, Dr. Isa has also been a very thoughtful boss lately, especially by offering online vendors and business owners incentives for selling and marketing their businesses on social media or websites, following a newly introduced Federal Government policy. These among other things has been the positive impacts of the new Minister since the commencement of his tenure few months ago.

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