COVID-19 Therapy and the Nigeria State

    As a result of the widespread of the COVID-19, events all over the world have been canceled and business operations put on hold regardless of the financial implications

    After much deliberation, the IOC made a tough call yesterday, 24th March 2020, postponing the Olympics till the summer of the next year 2021, all in a bid to secure the safety of athletes, regulating officials, and the public at large.

    The world was certainly not prepared for an attack like this, or perhaps a global pandemic as it is widely referred to, and more so Nigeria. Once again, we are reminded of what is most important – humanity. Not money, not political power, not the seemingly important activities in several industries but being human.

    Sadly, the long neglection of the people by the Nigerian government might just turn out to be a great problem for both the government and the public at large. One of the major challenges as regards curtailing the spread of the virus has been the practicability of self-isolation, especially among the masses.

    Surprisingly, the fear of hunger seems to be more real for these people than that of an unseen virus. These long-neglected set of people might just turn out to be a great problem for the government as forcing them home without the provisions of much-needed supplies will be difficult. With no means for survival, it will take strict measures from the government to keep them indoors.

    While we hope that the people comply and the health professionals succeed in their mission to find and treat other affected citizens, we also hope that the governments (in this case, Nigeria) and other cooperate bodies are taking learnings from this rather sad occurrence and will make amendments in important areas.

    Improvement of health care facilities.

    The Coronavirus has tested countries with even the best medical teams and they have yet suffered a great loss. However, people who contract the virus have a better chance of survival if they receive prompt and adequate treatment. We hope that this will force the hands of the government to work on the Nigerian health sector and create better health facilities, with larger capacity and necessary medical equipment.

    Alternative for use of physical currencies.

    There are many reasons why the digital transfer of funds is preferred to the physical exchange of currencies. One of them being that a virus, like the COVID-19, cannot be transferred digitally but can be transferred from one infected person to another if proper hygiene is not maintained and the currency is being exchanged.

    E-commerce giant, Jumia, recently reduced surcharge on online payment in order to encourage the use of digital solutions for the transfer of funds.  We are hoping that the government will invest more in financial technology and encourage the adoption of e-payment solutions among its citizens.

    Who said all jobs require offices?

    Several businesses might need to consider retaining the recently adopted, work-from-home structure. With the aid of mobile technology and the use of several business applications, workers can fulfill their job requirements from remote locations, saving business owners from the cost of daily operations and totally eliminating the cost of the rent.   

    Government bodies should also consider building structures that encourage the use of digital technology for record-keeping, filing, and other tasks performed by its workers as this shift from analog to digital is long overdue and will prove efficient in cases like this.

    In the end, we all have our roles to play and our actions or in-actions are critical to the safety of the people around us, and that of the world by extension.

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