Crypterium Takes The Lead With World’s First Bitcoin Card

For the very first time in the history of cryptocurrency, crypto credit card start-up, Crypterium rolls out the first-ever Global Bitcoin card

It is no longer an argument that the cryptocurrency has rather come to stay, and as a matter of fact, more sustainable measures have been put in place to enable the propagation of the new age currency. The latest of these measures is the new global bitcoin card that is been rolled out by the Crypterium.

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Barely two weeks after the fin-tch startup launched in Estonia back in June, it has reportedly deployed over 4,000 cryptocurrency debit cards to users. According to a press release by the start-up, the company is currently managed by a former executive of credit card giant, Visa, and it will be operating only in the capacity of cryptocurrency.

While there has already been a lot of Bitcoin Automated Teller Machine (BATM) around the globe in strategic locations, it is the very first time that the digital finance market is getting its own dedicated card. Currently, there are over 2 million Bitcoin ATMs around the globe, and carriers of the new Crypterium card can carry out transactions on any of the machine using the card, regardless of location.

Namely ‘Crypterium Card’, the card will function as a link between customers and a variety of top digital currencies ranging from Bitcoin to Ether and Litecoin, among several others. Apart from these currencies, Crypterium’s native coin, ‘CRPT token’ is also linked with the card.

Also, while the Bitcoin card is not totally different from the prepaid one, the company told that it will function in the same manner as the prepaid, only that in its own case, it will be dealing with cryptocurrencies. At that, the card will facilitate cryptocurrency based web transactions for popularly online and in-store crypto purchases that cannot be facilitated with the traditional prepaid card. The card will also help users carry out transactions on popular sites like Amazon, Netflix, etc the moment they start offering support.

Apparently, most of Crypterium’s card orders came from the United States, which is closely followed by the Asian region, and Australia. Even more surprising are the orders that came from countries with weak and unstable economies. Former GM of Visa, Steven Parker, pointed out that the impressive sales of the debit cards are a clear indication of the need for a global “stable debit card”, and not just that, it also backs up the fact that the cryptocurrency has rather come to stay.



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