Dark Mode For Instagram Is Now Available

Beyond the beta stage, Instagram has fully rolled out the dark mode theme for both Android and iOS users in the latest software update released on Monday

The facebook-owned Instagram in the latest update is rolling out the dark mode theme as as an alternative to its default bright or white background that has been around since the establishement of the photo-sharing platform. Aslo, the rollout is also a confirmation of the initial rumor that the compan was working on a dark mode theme.

Of a fact, this is not the first time that a similar platform will be offering a dark mode theme, instead, it has rather been a growing feature in the technology industry, with more apps and devices embracing the beauty of the feature. At that, you do must have come across similar feature while using apps and Operating Systems like Twitter, Facebook messanger, Microsoft Word Press (although with selected devices), Evernote, Google Chrome browser, Windows 10, Android 10,  Apple’s iOS, MacOS software among several others.

Also, some devices now offers the feature as a default option which then sync to some other apps automatically. Some of these devices includes the Samsung Galaxy smartphones, Google’s Pixel Smartphone among others.

It may also interest you to know that the new feature on Instagram comes with an entirely different feel, which otherwise means that using the app in a dark themes feels like you are using a differnt app. I personally felt the same for Twitter as at the time the dark theme was integrated, and I must confess, the feelings is exactly the same with Instagram’s latest integration.

That been said, using the feature may also come with little constraint- According to TheVerge, Instagram doesn’t let you toggle the dark mode option on or off within the app itself, as Twitter’s pre-iOS 13 addition of the feature does. That means it has to match your iPhone’s system-wide settings, which is pretty standard right now as most iOS app makers are adding dark mode support for the first time.

Well, for a second, that is not enough reason not to fall in love with the Instagram Dark mode as you may end up sticking with it for as long or longer than you did with the app’s default white theme. Currently, the feature is only rolling out to iOS 13, and Android 10 users

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