Dell Lets You Control Your iPhone Through Your PCs


Dell now lets you control your iPhone via its Personal Computers (PCs) by mirroring your phone screen using Dell’s Connect Mobile app

According to the news report, version 3 of the iOS app lets you can control your phone using your PC’s mouse and keyboard. Dragging and dropping photo and video transfer them between each device is also part of the feature. You can also send an SMS message without needing your iPhone app to be open in the background.

Dell also disclosed that Android users will be able to use their PCs, to send MMS files from their phones.

The company is not the only one doing the magic, Microsoft is as well. Microsoft lets you use its “Your Phone App” regardless of the maker of your PC. Last year Microsoft updated its Android app with the ability to┬ároute calls from your phone to your PC. It is also┬átesting similar screen mirroring functionality to Dell.

For you to have to Dell’s new app, you have to own the 2018 model of the Dell laptop or above, with your iPhone running on iOS 11 or above. The supported Dell laptops include XPS, Inspiron, Vostro, Alienware, and the G Series.

The new feature will be rolled out over the course of the week.


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