What you didn’t know about pregnancy tests

pregnancy tests history

Sexually active persons, would probably thank the white man for inventing the “pee on a stick” easy to use pregnancy test. You would never guess that, the “pee test” started in Africa. Now that I think of it, we should have put two and two together sooner. Well, Africans are known for their demands on every married woman to reproduce as early as possible. There’s also an issue of the sex of the child.

Every great idea stems from the need to solve a problem. A solution to the challenge of pregnancy test was found at the seat of civilisation, Egypt.

The women were made to pee on wheat and barley seeds, over a period of days. If the wheat grows, she’s pregnant with a female child and if the barley grows, she’s conceived with a male child. If neither grows, she is not pregnant.

Isn’t this amazing? Not only were they able to develop a pregnancy test, they also had a sex determination method.

This has me thinking, in place of the “pee on a stick” pregnancy test, why not the 1350bc method that is both safe and cost effective. Ultrasound scan has the baby and the mother exposed to radiation. With the “wheat and barley” method the mother and child is safe from any harmful radiation.

There were other forms of pregnancy testing, like the mixture of wine with a woman’s urine. The reaction between alcohol and some proteins in the urine, leads to a noticeable reaction, hence it had high level of accuracy.

The colour of a woman’s urine was also used to detect pregnancy, a certain deviation from its normal colouration supports this testing.

There was also a method of injecting a woman’s urine into a female rat. If the rat shows signs of it despite immaturity, then she is pregnant.

These tests have an accuracy of 75% and above, although the Egyptian test is the only one with a dual purpose. Africans, we should be proud!

All these tests are not magical, they are based on the hormonal level of the female (HCG level), same basis of the pee on a stick test.

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