Digital Platform, Sparkle Officially Launches in Nigeria

Owned by former Diamond bank CEO, Uzoma Dozie; Digital Platform, Sparkle is now officially ready to serve many Nigerians around the world

The digital platform which is built to provide financial, lifestyle, and business support services to Nigerians around the world, was officially launched yesterday, 3rd of June, following its clearance/certification by the Nigeria Apex Bank- CBN.

The platform which basically functions as a mobile app is currently available for both Android and iOS users and as such offers a wide range of support for its users; support services ranging flexible payments, savings, and analytics to provide flexibility and control over one’s finances and lifestyle are part of the juicy packages to enjoy on the platform.

More features of Sparkle include a spending pattern that breaks down users’ transactions by category. Sparkle Stash, for instance, is a saving tool on the platform that allows users to cultivate prudent spending while saving for specific goals. There is also another option that allows users to split payment alongside another person; pay for utility bills, among other things. Of course, that’s not all; users will also be able to transfer fund as well as receive money in the Sparkle network and with other local banks.

Equipped with modern knowledge about tech entrepreneurship, Dozie who also fronts an online tech entrepreneur TV show noted during the launch that;

“Sparkle will be transformational for Nigerians across the globe and I am hugely excited to be launching it today. Sparkle is redefining Nigerian commerce by merging financial services with a seamless lifestyle solution.

We are removing barriers using technology and data, driving inclusion at scale. In doing so, we are empowering Nigerians to fulfill their potential, democratizing access to valuable solutions for both business and personal needs.” Dozie added.

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Speaking about what the future holds for the digital platform, it was also revealed that the startup venture will be partnering with the likes of VISA, Microsoft and PwC Nigeria to achieve its vision of redefining Nigerian commerce especially in the areas of data science, machine learning, tax and financial advisory services, e.t.c, for the benefit of Sparkle’s customers.

While the COVID-19 pandemic is still impacting the global economy, a business module as Sparkle is the new drive in the business world and there is no better time to lauch the digital platform than now.


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