Disc-less Xbox One may launch in 2019

Disc-less Xbox One may launch in 2019

When it comes to consoles like the PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, gamers have the option of choosing between purchasing physical or digital games. There are benefits to both, where some might prefer physical for its collectibility and artwork, while others prefer digital because it is easier to manage.

However, Microsoft could soon take those choices away from gamers, at least according to a report making the rounds. The report claims that Microsoft will be launching an updated Xbox One console in 2019 and it might be disc-less. This means that this particular console update will only support digital games.

If the report was to be believed, then it means Microsoft could also be launching a “disc-to-digital” program where you take your games to a participating retailer, and they will let you exchange it for a digital version of the game. The report also claims that the goal is to launch a potentially cheaper version of the Xbox One.

It remains unclear if this will be how Microsoft treats all future Xbox consoles moving forward and with digital downloads on the rise, a future where all game releases are purely digital wouldn’t be out of the question, but until then take this report with a pinch of salt.

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