Disney may complete its acquisition of Hulu by 2024

Disney’s acquisition of Hulu has been a tough race and just recently, it depends more on Comcast decision to let go its share or not

Ever since Disney has started executing its streaming service plans, one of its major aims is to acquire the already existing  Hulu service that has rather remained a minor in the streaming network over the years. However, this plan has been delay due to the company’s shares owned by four separate companies- AT&T, Fox, Comcast, and Disney.

Fortunately for Disney, AT&T sold its shares, while Fox was later acquired by Disney, thus leaving Comcast as the only barrier to achieving its goal. Well, that may no longer be a concern henceforth as Comcast has finally agreed to sell its own stake of the shares as well, BUT not until 2024, when the shares would have yielded more returns. The actual worth of the shares in five years time is still uncertain, but it is reportedly supposed to go beyond $$5.8 billion.

This latest decision from Comcast, however, may come as a surprise to many but considering how hard Disney has been striving towards acquiring the company, such announcement shouldn’t be unexpected. Disney’s plan to further integrate the Disney+ and Hulu will enable greater value for the company.

What Disney plans to do with acquisition is still uncertain, but sources suggest that  Hulu will remain a place for Disney to give viewers more original (and mature) franchises and content like The Handmaid’s Tale, whereas Disney+ could house the company’s feature films and original spin-offs of existing franchises (such as Star Wars). Regardless, that’s speculation on our part, so we’ll simply have to wait and see what Disney has up its sleeve.

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