Disney+ to officially launch on the 12th of November


It is no longer a prediction neither an assumption that the video-streaming network will soon have an additional baby

Disney is coming big and the wait is coming to an end in no time. For Netflix, a major competitor is about to hit the market with the ‘harmer of god’, and streaming service lovers- you all definitely can’t wait to have another big baby on your streaming option. Just so you know that the rumors you have been hearing about an Upcoming streaming service, ‘Disney+’ is actually real, the company had an event recently, the Investor Conference, where it showcased in detail, the service that is about to launch.

After spending more than an hour laying out all of the content coming to Disney+ and showing off its apps, Disney revealed what we came to find out: the price. Disney+ will cost $6.99 (₦2,518) per month, or on an annual basis for $69.99(₦25,216), and those interested can sign up for updates here. We also have a launch date, set for November 12th.

According to the Walt Disney company, with the monthly subscription tagged at $6.99(₦2,518), you don’t have to worry about which content will be served, as you will get contents that are equivalent to your charges. Of course, you shouldn’t expect any water-down content. Some of the content to be enjoyed on the platform include many hours of high-profile selections across the Disney Signature, Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, National Geographic and even Disney Channel libraries. Tell me, where else could you probably find as many varieties for such a low amount? maybe nowhere else.

That been said, you still will have a whole load of original content on your watchlist, talking of all seasons of The Simpsons, and potentially discounted price for people bundling a subscription with ESPN+ and Hulu.


During the Investor Conference, Disney revealed more details other than the subscription charges, and type of content to expect. The company further mentioned the expectation that Disney+ would lose as much as a billion dollars in 2020, with losses peaking between 2020 and 2022, before expected profitability in 2024. Only Disney has the guts to announce a future loss of about 3 years even before the launch of a product. Well, the losses are for a good course- the company knows quite well that their biggest competitor is Netflix and the only way to be on a leveled ground with them or even higher is to combat them financially, hence the reason why the company is announcing about three(3) non-profitable years ahead of the launch.

Netflix, by comparison, has over 139million customers right now, but it’s spending billions every year to produce original content and has already had to raise prices for the last few years in a row. Now, the battle of the fittest is about to be on the go.

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