Disney’s Captain Marvel will not be coming to Netflix


Netflix is currently home to several Marvel movies which have been released and made available on the streaming platform for those who might want to rewatch them, or who might have missed out on watching it in the cinema. However, Disney’s upcoming Captain Marvel will not be making that cut.

According to a new report, Disney’s CEO Bob Iger confirmed it and Disney’s CFO Christine McCarthy also predicted that in the short run, the decision to stop providing Netflix with Marvel movies and shows could result in an operating loss of $150 million. However, they believe that this is only a short-term loss.

Disney is expected to launch their own streaming service later this year called Disney+ where it will play home to Marvel movies and Tv shows, which could explain why Netflix has been cancelling its original Marvel TV shows. We’re sure that some will be disappointed, but perhaps Disney+ could prove to be attractive enough for you to subscribe to it.

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