Disney+’s Three Hours Trailer Proves That The Service Has A Lot In Stock

    Indeed, Disney wasn’t only tweeting about the 600-plus thread of movies to expect from the upcoming service just for the fun of it, it is, even more, believable with the new three-hours trailer posted by the company on YouTube

    Disney+ is due for launch in few weeks time, however, while the streaming service has been tweeting series of movie snippets to expect from the service for a while now- the company’s action has rather been met with a rousing chorus of, “that’s not a real movie.” on the social network.

    As a result, Disney finally came up with a convincing solution for the many doubting Thomas who felt the numbers portrayed by the upcoming service may have been adulterated with a whole lot of ‘unreal movie scene’- Disney posted a three-hours trailer on YouTube, and it helped in illuminating each of the respective movies even better than what it seems like on Twitter. Hopefully, it will be enough to convince many of the unbelievers.

    While the strategy used by Disney+ is quite impressive, it doesn’t appear to be an original idea, considering that it is similar to what Netflix does with its monthly videos on YouTube that tell subscribers what’s being added to the service — just longer in these case- about three hours and 28 minutes longer, to be precise.

    Breaking the numbers down to the bearest- each of the video portrayed in the trailer runs for approximately 15 seconds each, to give room for the very long list of movies. At that, I was able to sight a few titles including the Miracle on 34th Street, The Lion King, or Iron Man, Sammy, the Way-Out Seal, The Adventures of Bullwhip Griffin, The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes, The Barefoot, Beauty and the Beast, and Toy Story. Executive among many others.

    Disney+ launches on November 12th for $6.99 a month


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