Domino’s Is Planning An Autonomous Delivery

How do you like your Pizza delivered at your door front? By a human or robot?

Most people would prefer a human delivery, however, having a robot deliver your Pizza at your door front is not a bad idea. Well, you may have to brace yourself for the future as such would be a common practice in most societies. Just before then, popular Pizzard company, Domino’s is currently working on an autonomous delivery- an alternative to robot delivery. You may also call it robotic if you chose to, however, it is not exactly the regular robot as you would think of.

While Domino’s is actualizing the robot delivery practice, although using a self-driving car for a start, it is determined to change the definition of delivery in the coming years. According to a reliable source, If you order online from a participating store and have a little bit of luck, you’ll get the choice of a robotic courier; by picking that, you’ll further get a PIN code to unlock a compartment on the ‘R2’ (as the current test vehicle is been called) and grab your meal.

For a start, the company informs that the Autonomous service will first go on operation in Houston, United State before it rolls out to other countries. On that note, Domino’s is of the opinion that the autonomous delivery may not sound like a better option yet comparing it to human delivery, however, as time goes on it bets that this could help stores deal with the crush of orders and bring your pizza on time.

While the autonomous technology a bit too early for Domino’s, it is, however, unexpected, as the company is found of providing a delivery solution for its most sort-after Pizzard. While there is no date for the availability of the self-driving car for delivery it is expected to launch sometime before the end of this year. In the meantime, do you think this technology can get to your location any time soon? Please share your opinion in the comments below.

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