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Dropbox’s 100GB File-Transfer Feature Is Now Available


Months after Dropbox introduced a new feature it called ‘Transfer’ in a beta phase, it is now rolling out the full-fledged version to the public

In an attempt to solve the longstanding problem of having to spend a lot of time trying to send heavy media data; Dropbox during the summer introduced a new feature called Transfer (although in beta form)– the feature came with a lot of solutions for the file-sharing app. For instance, over the years, users have always had to share files without being able to make an adjustment to the files, or in a better phrase– changes made to the files on either the sending or receiving end wouldn’t sync.


Now, with Transfer, users will now be able to send files (whether small or large) speedily, while Recipients on the other end won’t necessarily require a Dropbox account to receive any Transfer content. Also, changes made to an original file won’t be altered at the point of reception on the other end. On that note, Dropbox says it’s “designed for times when you need to turn over large collections of final files to clients and other people outside your company.”

As for sending large files to other persons, Dropbox informed me that it will be dependent on which type of account you have. The basic account offers up to 100MB transfers. A Plus or Business Standard account can do up to 2GB worth of files in one shot, while a professional, Business Advanced, Enterprise, and Education account can do a maximum of 100GB per Transfer.

Another interesting attribute of Transfer is the ability to automatically expire after seven days. However, the numbers can be prolonged based on the account type– users of Professional, Business Advanced, Enterprise or Education account, can set the transfer to expire after seven, 30, 60 or 90 days based on preference.

While a lot of these new features were just added after the beta phase, other new features also include the ability to transfer from the Dropbox desktop and iOS apps, as well as dropbox.com.

Also, you can access transfers that people share with you on the iOS app. You can as well customize the background and logo that recipients will see when they accept your transfer. Dropbox is rolling out the new feature to all users beginning today.

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