DStv Introduces Streaming Product As It Goes Dish-less In 2020

Digital Satellite Television (DStv), has joined the list of streaming service, and at that, going dish-less by 2020

The information about DStv to introduce a streaming service was disclosed by the Chief Executive Officer for the South African company, Nicholas Ekdahl, during an interview with TechCentral, sometimes last week. Ekdahl revealed that Multichoice has gone a long way to develop the new product, and according to him when it becomes available in the market come early 2020 as expected, consumers would simply need their broadband connections instead of a dish.

The company wanted to launch the service by the end of the year, but was delayed due to certain reasons. The product which has however been tested internally in preparation for its eventual release.

The brand which is widely used across Africa including Africa, has done a lot to improve the quality of its products and services over the years. As claimed by Ekdahl, much effort has been put towards improving user experience. “We still want to do proper user testing in a real live environment, but the chances of launching by the end of March are pretty good.” Said Ekdahl.

DSTV going dish-less would mean that a major breakthrough for them and would also mean the company is ready to compete with the likes of Netflix and Hulu which currently dominate the global streaming space.

In the meantime, it is unclear whether the new standalone dish-less product will have a different name and different branding. The CEO refused to comment when asked to further clarify the matter. However, he noted that DStv Now , one of its e-product will continue to be available for dish owners.




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