Duolingo To Launch App To Teach Kids English


Language learning website, Duolingo is launching an iOS app “Duolingo ABC” to teach kids how to read the English language

The app makes use of short lessons to teach the pupils words pronunciation (phonics), alphabets and knowing of alphabets for ages three to six.

According to the company, the app has over 300 lessons, adding that the kids will give given different tasks to carry out, which includes spelling a given word from a jumble of letters, tracing the outline of a capitalized or lowercase letter, trace their names, tap objects that start with a certain letter, and tap a specific word in a sentence.

During the launch, the app will be available in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the UK, and the US.

For now, it can only be accessed on iOS Right now but will be coming to Android at a later time. Speaking of ads, the company has this to say, “Duolingo ABC will be free and won’t have any ads or in-app purchases”.

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