EA Follows Suit, Plans To Own A Cloud Gaming Service Too


The Electronic Art (EA) has just launched a limited beta of its upcoming cloud gaming service and it tend to compete with the like of Google Stadia, PlayStation Now among several others

During the launch of the beta service this week, EA listed several services that shares similarities with its and plans to distinguish its own by adding spectacular games, and of course with respect to subscription, attempts to offer the most juicy price.

Namely ‘Project Atlas’, the service was first announced last year October with little details. According to EA last year the service is, “A platform designed from the core to harness the massive power of cloud computing and artificial intelligence and putting it into the hands of game makers in a powerful, easy to use, one-stop experience.”

Also in a Medium post written by EA CTO, Ken Moss, the company is currently running a technical test to verify how crossplay will work between games on different platforms.

Not just that, it will also see to the performance of each game when streaming on different devices. In line with that, Testers will be able to play four games using Atlas: FIFA 19Titanfall 2Need for Speed Rivals, and Unravel.

Project Atlas, although still haven’t made it to the point of being a beta test- is doing great just at the larva stage. Although may not be as popular as others, especially when more services have  surfaced lately- —  For instance, Xbox is working on its project x cloud, Ubisoft is pushing Uplay+, and of course Google’s Stadia is just weeks away from launch. So if Project Atlas doesn’t sound any familiar to you, it’s quite understandable. However, its just another game company trying to stay relevant in the era of digitalization.

By now, you do be wondering why everyone is eager to get their own version of cloud-based gaming service. Apart from competition which is inevitable, Moss made some comments with respect to that aspect in his Medium post. In his words, he said: “The bottom line is this. Cloud gaming is coming. It’s no longer a question of if, but when.”

Without fine tuning Moss’ words, it is obvious that the cloud gaming will be the replacement for consoles in the future, of course how soon is quite unpredictable, however, such event is bond to happen. That been said, it only make sense for game services to take the preparatory measures ahead of time.

Other than what has been said, I can’t wait to see how each of the respective services perform moving forward.

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