Eight mind blowing tech solutions that never existed a decade ago

 Here is a list of eight mind blowing tech that never existed a decade ago

innovation is an inevitable role of technology, aside the fact that it happens so rapidly, it usually leaves the world to a fascinated state at its every stage. just so that you get to know about somethings that has come into existence almost unnoticeable, here is a list of tech that where never in existence over a decade ago.

1: Instagram

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Nothing typifies the technological strides of the past decade quite like the photo-sharing app Instagram, though some might argue that selfie-loving Instagrammers are a stride back on the evolutionary scale. Introduced in 2010 for Apple, and two years later for Android, Instagram (IG for those in the know) has hundreds of millions of monthly users who share some 95 million photos (and videos) a day. Since 2010, IGers have uploaded more than 40 Billion pictures so far since its begining.

2: Bitcoin

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The Cryptocurrency.  Was anything even called a cryptocurrency in 2008? — However, the internet money currency made its debut a little less than a decade ago, and the sort-of electronic cash has slowly made its way into the hearts and virtual wallets of enough people, evidently, that by the end of 2017 more than $24 Billion dollars’ worth of Bitcoin was out there. We’re not sure what good it is if, just for a for-instance, McDonald’s doesn’t take it. But word on the cryptostreet is that Joe at Uber  aswell as other commercial outlets might be willing to accept it sooner than later.

3: Uber

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Sure, 10 years ago, it was easy enough to find a ride to, say, the airport. It was called getting a taxi. But in 2008, you couldn’t hail a cab with a few taps on your smartphone. And, back then, it wasn’t just some Joe waiting at the curb and ushering you into his Accord. It was a cabby who probably had an attitude. You had to pay cash, too, and leave a tip. Uber, with its slick app and interconnected fleet of Joe-owned cars, put the brakes on all that non-impoverish attitude.  (Well, the tips are back) right now other startup companies such as Taxify are trying hard to replicate the app.

4: Tesla (Electric Auto car)

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Elon Musk probably was probably not the first to ever think of making Auto-mobile move on electricity. However, he dreamt of building impossibly cool and fast cars 40 years ago as a boy in South Africa. But it wasn’t until 2008 that he launched the Tesla Roadster, an all-electric vehicle that has forever changed the car industry. The Roadster was followed by other futuristic-looking Teslas, and now every car maker on a grateful Earth is racing toward an all-electric future. The company is a leader in autonomous driving tech, too. Hold onto your seats in the next decade.

5: The iPad (Tablet)

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The iPhone, the first true techno-gadget crush for millions of Americans, as well as around the world, is way old. It was introduced all the way back in 2007. But it was just in the last decade (2010) that Apple shook up the doo-dad world when it gave us the iPhone on steroids: the iPad. It’s a tablet computer that put the power of a desktop machine right onto the living room couch (and in the car). It wasn’t the first tablet among many other, but it made the biggest impact. Sales have fallen some, victim of ever-smarter smartphones. But the iPad lives. Apple sold 10.3 million of them in the third quarter of 2017 alone and of course still very much available for sales in the tech market. however before a decade ago this simplified gadget is likely to make no sense at all.

6: Spotify

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Another newcomer that owes its life to the internet , like many of tech companies is Spotify. The music App is the music streaming choice of some 140 million users a month, who build and swap playlists from a library containing some 30 million songs (the Obama White House was famous for its playlists). The company launched in late 2008, Spotify is free, if you don’t mind a few ads here and there. Or, if you want to ditch the ads, it’s $9.99 a month. You can download tracks, too, to listen to offline. It’s basically a gigantic jukebox, for you old folks, that you listen to on your smartphone. Spotify among many other music App never existed a decade ago and its left a significant impact in the tech world already.

7: Virtual Reality

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Oculus VR is the earliest originator of VR, it began in a garage in Irvine, California in June 2012. Then-19-year-old Palmer Luckey launched the company on Kickstarter, raising nearly $2.5 million for his virtual reality headset. After raising an additional $16 million in funding, Luckey however, sold Oculus to Facebook in 2014 for $2 Billion. In recent times their are over tens of companies that produces VR headset which never existed a decade ago.

8: Android OS

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When Google founder Sergey Brin and engineering director Steve Horowitz debuted Google’s Android operating system in November 2007, they put to bed the rumors that Google was launching a “G Phone” (although nine years later, Google did just that with the launch of the pixel). “I’d like to introduce you to the Android platform,” Horowitz said. “This is a platform we hope will enable people to create thousands of G Phones.” These days, there are 2 billion active devices running Android software, which was never a thing about a decade ago.

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