Election Day starter pack: Nine things you should carry to your polling booth


The Nigerian elections are finally here… In a couple of days, Nigerians would be hitting their respective polling booths to vote for the new president. However, outside the politicking, there are a bunch of things to consider on the day in question – movement will be restricted between 8 am to 5 pm, businesses will be shut down and if you are going to cast your vote, you might have to contend with boredom as well.

All things considered, here are a few things you should consider in no particular order as you make plans for the elections:

Permanent Voters’ Card (PVC)

Imagine queuing up for several hours to cast your vote, only to get to your turn and you find out you left your voters’ card back at home. Annoying right? So, to avoid stories that touch the heart, it is best to have your card readily available because, without it, you won’t be allowed to cast your vote.


If you sometimes leave the house without your smartphone, it is essential you don’t make such a decision when you are leaving home for your polling booth. For obvious reasons of communication, listening to music, catching up on current news, reading journals and e-books – your smartphone is going to be an important part of your voting process. However, having your smartphone with you is important, ensuring you have enough airtime and data bundle is “importanter”.


For those of you who will be voting for the first time, it is worthy to note that they will be a lot of hearsays at your respective polling booths, which in turn can make you have a change of heart when you are about to cast your vote. Therefore, it is very crucial to have your earphones with you so you can block out them-says while you wait to cast your vote.

Water Bottle

As non-essential as it may seem to most who do not make hydration a priority, water does rejuvenate, re-energize and prevent you from hunger pangs. Given the fact that businesses will be shutdown and the long queues that will most likely be experienced at some polling booths, don’t forget to carry water.

Power Bank

Regardless of whether you will be actively politicking or not, power banks are an essential part of our lives. However, on election day, your devices will be needing a fair bit of extra juice. Between trying to keep in touch with people and current news updates, taking and sharing photos, binging social media or some form of entertainment that is reliant on your device to while away time, the power bank is a very crucial device you definitely will be needing.

Foldable Chair

Being extra is absolutely not illegal. You can move with your chair in the queue while others envy your comfort. Though it might sound a little exhausting having to move it every ten minutes but it is better than standing for hours. Your knees and legs will thank you afterwards.


For those of you who have undergone the compulsory one-year national youth service (NYSC), the line “under the sun or in the rain” in the NYSC anthem will definitely ring a bell in your head. Following the downpour recently experienced in different parts of the country and the ever scorching sun, you will be forgiven if you leave home with an umbrella.

Fanny Pack

Given that businesses will be shut down and hunger pangs can hit you at any time on the queue, a fanny pack will help you carry a variety of snacks of your choice, which is better than having to buy what is available. It can also be used to secure your personal belongings so you wouldn’t have to blame yourself for participating in the election process if you lose anything at the end of it all.


It is common knowledge that “patience is a virtue”, so if want to successfully exercise your civic right, you must be patient enough to withstand the tantrums that will be thrown at you by co-voters, louts (agberos), security personnel and the INEC officials.

Did I miss out anything? Let us know in the comments.


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