Ex-Nissan boss finally granted bail by Tokyo Court


Carlos Ghosn Ex-Nissan boss has been in the eye of the storm for a while and had been arrested, and put in jail, but the estranged boss has finally been granted bail by a Tokyo court.

This was made public in the early hours of today, the arrangement was made with a $8.9m payment as bail.

Ghosn nicknamed ”The Razor” was granted bail after his Lawyer Junichiro Hironaka was able to make a case for him in amidst of all charges leveled against him.

Although the same court had rejected two previous applications for bail on the same case.

Prosecutors in Tokyo at the moment are expected to file an appeal against the decision to grant bail, which requires Ghosn staying in Japan and being placed under video surveillance around the clock.

Ghosn 64-year-old has been in custody since he was arrested in November 2019 on allegations he understated his income at Nissan. He has also been charged with aggravated breach of trust.

Mr, Ghosn, had always been a big figure in the automobile industry until his arrest and shameful exist from Nissan, he was the led the Renault-Nissan alliance. He also brought Mitsubishi on board in 2016.

The heel turn came almost immediately after he was arrested Nissan and Mitsubishi removed him as Chairman and then he had to resign from Renault in January 2019.

Ghosn lost every political stance too has been affected by this scandal, as the Lebanese born was once tipped to be President of Lebanon, but all that would be lost in the cloud now.


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