What exactly is the difference between Star Wars and Star Trek

star wars and star trek difference

Yes you’ve heard Star Wars and Star Trek, if you are like me, you will have definitely wondered what makes one different from the other. I saw Star Trek first before Star Wars. Even when our own John Boyega featured in Star Wars, I wasn’t interested because hey, big Star Trek fan.

Here is the thing, they both sound like but they are two different stories. To simplify, Star Wars is a science fantasy about a war while Star Trek is a science fiction about trekking through the galaxy to explore.

Star Wars is a collection of six movies that are about the events surrounding a war and fighting to survive. The storyline is centered around the force which is a telekinetic power that people can tap into, Darth Vader or Anakin Skywalker  who is a good guy turned bad. He basically joined dark side of the force.

The Jedi is a collection of people who serve as a sort of moral police force in the galaxy. They have lightsabers, laser swords, and have a very Buddhist attitude to life. The wars take place within a populated collection of planets.

Star Trek on the other hand  is centered around the crew of the USS Enterprise, a ship that has been sent on an exploration mission into the far reaches of space. Most of the action tends to happen on the ship. Star Trek was commissioned as a TV series and every week, the USS Enterprise crew faced new challenges in their exploration of the universe.

Both stories depict societies consisting of multiple planets and species. The main galaxy in Star Trek consists of various planets, each inhabited by different species, united into a single state, the United Federation of Planets. Star Wars depicts a galaxy that is mostly part of a single state known as the Old Republic, inhabited by humans and countless other species, which later became the Galactic Empire and was again later reformed into a new society called the New Republic after a series of wars.

So may the force be with you while you live long and prosper!

Who are your favourite Star Wars or Star Trek fans? Let us know in the comments section, we might have one memorabilia to give out!


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