Face behind the world record egg has been revealed…

Mystery egg unveiled


Remember the record breaking egg that managed to set a world record beating former record holder Kylie Jenner with over 42million likes ahead of Kylie’s 18 million likes on Instagram? Remember how we couldn’t put a face to the handler of the egg’s, now verified, Instagram account? Well, wonder no more because we’ve cracked the egg’s mystery, so to say.

The face behind the mystery egg

Royal rumble people! Drum roll! The face behind L EGG EN DAIRY… see that, see that, I’m good I know.

The face behind the mystery egg
Get the joke?

Seriously, the face behind the L EGG EN DAIRY egg’s fame is… Just breathe okay. Breathe.

The person behind the egg that managed to beat Kylie Jenner’s world record for most liked picture on Instagram has been revealed and his name is…well, sincerely we don’t know. For the sake of keeping our credibility we aren’t sure as a whole lot of people happen to be jumping on the identity.

We’d like to believe that because of the major publicity and fame the egg has accrued, a whole lot of people, and I mean a lot of people, would jump on an opportunity to be tagged the face behind the mystery egg. It’ll be myopic to not consider the possibility of a brand or company that’s soon to debut and has chosen such an epic way to break the internet. Call it good PR.

So, at the end of the day, an egg has no face. Well, until a credible identity comes forward.

The face behing the mystery egg



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